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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Daily Skin Care Routine for Hot n Humid Summer

Skin Cleansing daily skin care in Hot Humid Summer
Skin Cleansing
Worried about sweat, tan, acne, eczema?  Follow a simple skin care routine and stay away from common all these common problems in summer.  The most care should be taken for oily and sensitive skin where dry skin is less prone to all the above problems in summer time. Dust, UV rays, and heat affect sensitive and oily skin badly. So one should incorporate some basic changes in daily skin care regimen to protect skin and make it glow as always!!
Regular skin care regimen is followed by three basic processes: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.
Cleansing includes cleaning the face twice to thrice a day using one particular mild face wash. One can prefer
fruit face wash, honey lemon face wash or Neem face wash in summer time. Some regular brands like Lakme, Dove, Forest Essential, and Neutrogena can be opted. Wash your face before bedtime, after waking up in the morning and preferably after coming from outside.
skin toning skin care for indian women in summer
Skin Toning
Toning is essential for oily skin as it reduces open pores on faces and evens skin tones and helps remove tan. Astringent should be used carefully. Pour a little amount of toner on a cotton ball and apply gently on face except the eyes. Never rub the cotton ball on skin. Let it dry. One can also use rose water as a toner which soothes skin and makes it glow.
Moisturizing using regular moisturizer or night creams may not work for sensitive and oily skin in summer time. So one can use gel based products like aloe vera gel, cucumber gel, papaya gel etc of some reputed brands. Aloe Vera gel is an essential element of beauty product which not only reduces dark spots but also makes skin glow evening skin tone. It soothes skin from within.
aloe vera gel for oily skin of Indian women in humid summer
Aloe Vera Moisturizing

Apart from these one has to maintain hygiene during summer to protect face skin.

  • Use any good sunscreen (SPF 30-40) and apply it 20mins before stepping out in sun. 
  • Use an umbrella and sun glass if you have to stay long in exposed sunlight.
  • Use wet tissues with cucumber, lemon or sandal wood toner instead of untidy handkerchief.
  • Use a lip balm (with SPF) or any good lipstick with vitamin E and SPF to protect your lips.
  •  Intake 10 to 12 glasses of water everyday during summer to detoxify your body.
  • If u r feeling extreme irritation for scorching heat splash cold water on face immediately or gently rub an ice cube on that area. 
  • sunscreen lotion protection of skin in hot summer of India
    Applying Sunscreen wisely
  • Also you must clean your hands and hair to protect your face skin.

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